One Week Later

Our first working week here in Hong Kong is done. Work-wise it has been what could be expected, mostly. A lot of catching up after a three week vacation, new computers to install and configure (Mats got a new desktop Windows on it, something had to be done!), brand spanking new monitors (we each got two 27", 2560x1440 monitors, we've never had that much real estate on our desks before!), new colleagues, and a new Boss (no, not Bruce!).  It has been a good week at work. We feel like we're up to speed.

The lunches has been great, partly because the food is new to us (and quite different from the Stockholm lunch offering), but mostly because it has been, without exception, well made food tasting great and at low cost.

This week we have had:

  • Japanese lunch-box, fried chicken, pickled vegetables, rice: Simple, but very tasty. HK$55 pp.
  • Hong Kong Dim Sum, the boss took our team to a welcome lunch at a Dim Sum place nearby. Too many dishes to remember, with a few exception, tripe being one, very good! Price unknown, but Dim Sum for a company of ten is often surprisingly cheap.
  • Nepalese, Yvonne had Chicken Masala, Mats had Palak Paneer. The Masala deep, rich in flavor, the Palak Paneer unusually spicy. Both excellent. HK$ 60 pp, including nan, rice, salad, tea/coffee.
  • Turkish Chicken/Beef Doner Kebab. With the hot sauce, the chicken kebab was the best I have ever had, says Mats. HK$45 pp.
  • Malaysian Laksa with chicken, fish cake, tofu, and egg noddles: Pretty mild soup, deep in flavors. HK$55 pp.
When out shopping for lunch on Friday, we found a place selling Banh Mi. Guess what we are having for lunch Monday?

Tonight, we are meeting up with the first of friends coming to Hong Kong to visit the city and us. Welcome to Honkers, Tomas and Giftzy!

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