First Day at Work

Vacation is over, no vacation until June 2014, except for extended weekends. It is our own choice, so I am not complaining. We want to travel around East and South East Asia as much as we can. Hence a number of micro-vacations instead of just one three week long (we have fifteen days vacation during the nine months here).

So today we got up early, and to the MTR to Central and the office. The commute is just half an hour, but it is extremely long compared to the 3½ minutes walk we have in Stockholm.

At the office we got the good news that our visa has come through! Now we are Hong Kong residents. Feel slightly strange, but very, very good.

A lot of catching up at the office, a lot of new faces, a few good old friends, too.

Bought Japanese Lunch Box, wish there are lunch boxes like that in Stockholm. A lunch box with fried chicken, pickled vegetables, and rice steamed to perfection for HKD 55.

Celebrated end of vacation + being residents with a dinner at Under the Bridge Spice Crab.

We have planned to be active after work, seeing things, going places. Not tonight, tonight we will drag ourselves to bed early. Jet lag is a b...

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