Some Observations

After five days in our new home town, we have made some observations.

  1. There is no structure what so ever as to how people move along sidewalks or underground walkways. Instead of all keeping to the right, the movements are completely random. A very interesting experience was today when, in an underground walkway, traffic shifted from left-hand to right-hand mid-tunnel.
  2. People are not walking, they are ambling along. Normally, there is a direct correlation between a city's size and how fast people are walking. This city is about seven times bigger than Stockholm, but the speed of walking is like in Skellefteå, population 32 000, on sunny Sunday afternoon.
  3. Beards are strange. At least full beards like Mats'. Children either look scared or point at it. Grown ups tend to look, but not more. Except a few, like the waiter that wished us Merry Christmas, or the cashier at the bread shop who could hardly contain herself from all the giggling.


  1. Hög igenkänningsfaktor på de 2 första!!

  2. Mats, let the beard go ZZ Top style. DO IT!


  3. Anonymous20:21

    I had a hard time when I got back to Sweden after a year in HK. I started bumping into everyone and everything walking along Kungsgatan, in the subway etc. I can't really say why, but the flow is very different in HK and Stockholm.


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