Looking for Lodgings

The apartment we have now, is only until end of September, so we need to get something else. Causeway Bay is fascinating with all its shops, malls, and restaurants. But it is also crowded. Constantly. At first, we thought it was a Sunday phenomenon, but now we realize it is all days, all times. It is kind of cool to walk through these hordes now. In ten months time? Maybe not so much.
A small part of the Mid-Levels Escalator

So we went to Central, up the Mid-Levels Escalator to a couple of addresses. It was an interesting experience when we had passed through SoHo (South of Hollywood, a bar and restaurant area halfway up the escalator): Everything got calm! It even got cooler! We will try to get something on Robinson Rd or Mosque St. Maybe.

We also made a quick visit at the office. Looking forward to working there!

Mats is making himself known: People stop and laugh, pointing at the beard. Or, as a waiter did, wishes us a Merry Christmas!

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